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Pablo Picasso

   Pablo Ruiz also known as Pablo Piccasso(1881-1972) was said to be one of the greatest artist to ever live. This spanish painter made a name for him self with some of the best pieces of art the world ever saw. His work was very unique and some of his work can be called a little more then contreversial.Picasso expressed him self with his art and his strongest weapon was his brush. 

 Picasso's most famous style of painting and one that he himself co-found is Cubism ( as is shown to the left). In this style Picasso use shapes to illustrate his meaning.Although somehow complicated to understand, cubism does have a meaning and a purpose and like all of Picasso's work the complexity has a message behind it. To really comprehend Picasso's work, the painting has to be broken down into pieces.(To see some of Picasso's work visit our gallery in the next tab) Then analysed the painting seems more simple and the true meaning comes out. 

 The Begining of something wonderful. The small Spanish boy did not seem like anything special but in fact Picasso was  a child prodigy. He was born and baptised Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruíz y Picasso.  Picasso showed his father (a professor at fine arts) his skill for art. Ruiz sr, was determined to forsee his son's artistic development , even if that meant giving up his art. He moved his son and all of the family to Barcelona, Spain were Picasso exceeded expectations , as he got accepted to one of the most prestigious Art Academys in barcelona.A process that took most adult (experienced) Artists months ,Picasso (13 years old) did it in a matter of weeks. After that he went on to getting accepted to  Madrid's Royal Academy of San Fernando ; the most prestigious  art school in Spain.
  After that Picasso traveled the world.Places like France, Africa , and south america inspired many of his paintings.He became the best Artist to live in the last hundred years and certaintly one of the greatest to ever live. Giving meaning to the phrase the "sky is the limit" and if this is so, Picasso reached the stars.

Written By:

Karina M. Jacoby


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